Monday, 1 September 2014


August 23rd 2014 was the most happy and special day of my life, thus far. There aren't really the words to be able to fully describe the joy of marrying the most amazing person I have ever met, but I will definitely try over the next few wedding related blog posts.

We are still currently on honeymoon, but couldn't wait to share our beautiful wedding video with everyone.

Our wedding videographer was Andrew Tregoning along with his wife Hannah. I have known them both for years, so it was lovely having them part of our day. I think you will agree they are very talented!  (You can find more information and work of Andrew's here:

The song we chose has been a favourite of ours for years, and has been a soundtrack to many a road trip, holiday and also both our morning alarms for a while, so it seemed a perfect choice!

Hope you enjoy it as much as us!

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Flowers are probably my favourite thing. So here is my first, I'm assuming of many, floral inspired tattoos.
All of my other tattoos were over and done in a matter of minutes, none of which were particularly painful, but the thought of 2 hours made me terrified! 
But in the end it was really, hand on heart not painful. I'm now left feeling kind of cheated of this tattoo pain everyone talks about. 
I might book in for a full day next time to get a full back piece... Or maybe not.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


It was my 26th birthday last weekend. I had an amazing time and was completely spoilt! (few photos below) We celebrated with lots of amazing food, a walk in the Peak District and hired a karaoke booth at a Vietnamese restaurant. Sounds strange, but somehow works ever so beautifully.

Can't quite believe I'm 26, feeling oh so old!

Monday, 14 July 2014


I can't quite believe that it's so soon until we get married! It's gone so fast. Our whole engagement has been so stress free. I thought by now there would have been a few signs of stress as there isn't long to go, but it's been quite the opposite!

We have a few bits to finalise and last minute things to put together, but nothing major. I've just really enjoyed all of it and have loved focusing on our marriage, instead of putting all our energy into making the day "perfect". 

This weekend I was completely spoilt on hen party number one. All the girls in mine and Tom's families, old and young, went to Whittlebury Hall for a luxury spa weekend. We spent time relaxing in the spa, had facials, massages, ate lots of amazing food, drank champagne and played some games. I came away feeling so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing family, by birth and by marriage! 
Now I am just ridiculously excited for hen party number two, in Barcelona! 

Below is a little hen party photo and some wedding decorations I have been working on.

Monday, 7 July 2014


I am alive! We have finally moved into our new home and have settled in, set up wifi etc, and therefore after months of a blog free world, I am back. 

I'm going to have a much needed blog makeover within the next few weeks, and will be blogging regularly again from now on!

Lots of exciting things ahead including my Barcelona hen party, our wedding, honeymoon and lots of exciting things work wise. Along with a few exciting announcements over the upcoming months, I hope you will join me on this journey via the blog/Instagram! 

Here are a few photos of our home I uploaded to instagram recently (@whatkatharinedoes), expect a lot of home posts as we continue to settle in and transform it into our own!

Sunday, 18 May 2014


I haven't posted in forever due to how chaotic things are at the moment. I moved back to Sheffield a couple of weeks ago, and have since been doing a 2 hour commute to York every morning and night. My life feels all over the place, living out of a suitcase at Tom's parents house!
However, we have found somewhere beautiful to live and will be moving in 2 weeks. After we're settled I will be posting regularly again! In the mean time I am still using instagram @whatkatharinedoes 

Here are a couple of photos from when I left my old store, they surprised me with lots of amazing gifts and flowers. But the best surprise was of course the life size Harry Styles cardboard cut out. 

Friday, 25 April 2014


Tom and I went for a walk on Horsell common in order to find a couple of photo locations for our wedding day! It's beautiful and literally round the corner from my house, where the reception will be!

Dress// Topshop
Oversized lace top// Asda
Boots// Topshop
Bag// Cambridge satchel