Sunday, 18 January 2015


When Tom and I met we had this massive idea/dream to see the world. Having both done our fair share of travelling individually we both felt there was so much more we wanted to see, and also experience together. Slowly throughout the last few years we have gradually begun to shape this idea into more of a reality, talking time scales, countries, and of course money! Until finally this Christmas we went ahead and booked.

Taking 14 months out of our careers to facilitate this was not a decision we made lightly. However, we both agreed that sacrificing this time, in order to quite literally see the world would be something we would look back on with absolutely no amount of regret, and with that being said the decision was made!

So, the itinerary looks like the following:

October 3rd of this year we head to India for just over a month, flying into New Delhi, where we will be making our way through Northern India via train, bus, rickshaw and tuk tuks down to Goa, then travelling around southern India.

We then fly from Goa to Kathmandu, Nepal. We will be spending a month here, where Tom will also be working in a hospital for a while too.

Then we are onto Bangkok, Thailand. We plan to spend around 3 months travelling around South East Asia through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

From Bali we fly into Cairns, Australia. Spending around 6 weeks on a hop on and off bus down the east coast, finishing in Melbourne.

Flying into Queenstown, in New Zealand's south island is next, then onto Rotorua in the north island then across to Hamilton and Auckland. Probably spending around 3-4 weeks all together exploring all things LOTR etc.

We leave Auckland and land in Santiago, Chile. Where we plan to spend around 2 months in South America. Starting in Chile, moving up into Peru where we will be doing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (something I am so so excited for!) from there we cross over to Bolivia. Flying from there into Buenos Aires, Argentina then making our way into Uruguay and then up into Brazil, finishing in Rio.

Then we fly up to Reno, Nevada, USA. Here we will stay with my family for a couple of weeks before embarking on a 3 month road trip. Driving down through California, through the southern states and then up the east coast of America.

Our trip comes to an end in New York, where we plan to spend a week or so before finally flying back to London!

So there it is, 13 months, 17 countries.

Hopefully I will blog my way around the world, but I might not, we shall see. You will however be able follow our travels on Instagram @whatkatharinedoes

We now just can't wait! If you've been to any of the above places and have any tips for us, please please get in touch!

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