Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I have loved shopping this season's sales, and have managed to find quite a good haul during my lunch breaks at work. 

Dress 1 is from Topshop, I have been admiring this for quite a while, it was reduced to 20 from 50 and therefore couldn't resist. 

Dress 2 is by Little White Lies, a designer brand stocked at Urban Outfitters. This dress was originally 100 pounds, I found it in the stock room at work and found it had been marked down to 20, with my employee discount I managed to buy it for 15, a huge 85% reduction. Proud of that bargain. 

Dress 3 is again from Topshop, originally 26 I purchased for 15. It looks lovely with little jumpers, kimonos, leather jacket and of course on it's own!

These are just a few of my recent finds, I hope you've managed to acquire some summer sale bargains too!

Thursday, 20 June 2013


I have always possessed an excellent eye for a bargain, but recently more and more people have also started commenting on this talent. So I have decided to start blogging more about bargains I find and how I managed to come across them. Hopefully enabling more people to be able to do the same and snatch the good stuff before it's all gone. So come back to see what treasures I find, and to pick up some handy bargain hunting tips!

Below are my most recent bargains. The boots in picture 1 are from Urban Outfitters. I have loved these boots since they came into store, but costing 75 pounds was too much to part with, (even with my employee discount!) so I waited, they were reduced to 40 but we ran out of my size. Then a couple of days ago I found my size hidden in the stock room and by this time they had been further reduced to 20 pounds! Add my discount on and I ended up paying 15! Couldn't be happier!
When looking for a sale bargain, if you can face the risk of losing what you want then wait for further roll downs, most retailers will have further reductions and that is when you find gold.

The boots in picture 2 below are from Topshop. I have had my eye on these since seeing them styled in the Topshop magazine with Kate Bosworth. These were also 75 pounds which I came very close to parting with a few times. On my lunch break I had a quick look in Topshop and found them reduced to 40. I don't think I've stopped smiling since! They were in fact 50 but had all been priced wrong on the shop floor, therefore they sold them to me at 40. 
Do try to push it in a shop if product is marked wrong, but remember it's not actually your right to have it at that marked price. A lot of the time the retailer will reduce it, but they are well within their right to take all the product off the shop floor and make the price corrections. Try to be as nice as possible, trust me that will get you a lot further than being pushy and rude.

I hope this was helpful! 
PS. my computer is Australian and therefore doesn't have a pound sign button. Hence it being written or simply not present at all. If anyone knows how I could get one, lemmmme know.

Thanks, Kat xox

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Annnnnnnd tomorrow I'm back in Sheffield again for the weekend! I've been able to spend so much time with Tom recently, I'm so very lucky! Saturday is his parent's joint 50th birthday party. Very much looking forward to dancing the night away with all of the extended Booth family!


I spent a long weekend in Sheffield for Thom's grad ball (photos to follow). Monday we began with an amazing breakfast at Fancie on Ecclesall Road, followed by a walk in the sun through the Peaks. Such a beautiful day, and made me miss Sheffield slightly.