Friday, 28 February 2014


Last week I celebrated 2 years of knowing and loving my best friend. It has been the best 2 years of my life by far, and I am so excited for all the years we have ahead. To mark the day we went to London, walked around, had tea and scones and then made a spontaneous visit to a comedy club. 

I rarely write massive amounts on this blog, as I prefer to keep it brief. So I decided to write a little insight into our relationship, with a focus on my view on arguments in relationships.

 When we met, without going into too much detail, I was so completely not looking at meeting anyone in a romantic capacity. After just getting out of a crazy relationship I was very much excited at the prospect of being single. But as soon as I met Tom I knew that idea was about to go out of the window, and I couldn't of cared less! When you meet the person you know you are supposed to be with, current circumstance, other people's opinions and even your own logic seem to just take a back seat. I was happy, genuinely happy for the first time in years, and I wasn't about to stop that. Some friends were sceptical at first, out of being protective as they knew the details of all that had gone before and didn't want me to get hurt, but after meeting Tom they fell in love with him too. Quite hard not to really!

Since then we decided to take everything slowly and just have fun together. Our relationship is strange to a lot of people, I could happily spend every waking moment in a room with Tom and never get bored. I can spend all day in a museum with him, or all night in a club, just us, and have more fun than I would with 100 other people. But probably the main thing that people have often commented on, is the fact that we don't argue. When I tell people this, I often get one of the following reactions:

-"oh, don't worry you will"
-"surely that's not very healthy?"
-"I really hope you have a few big arguments before you get married, I would be very worried if you didn't"

Now, I am no relationship expert but I really don't agree with this! I'm not saying that if you do argue then it's bad, but I am saying that just because we don't doesn't mean we have an unhealthy relationship! In my opinion it's so very sad that arguing and fighting with your spouse is so normal. I'm not saying that Tom and I agree on everything, but when we don't we just talk, like we do during any other conversation. This usually then results in negotiating and compromise, and then we move on. Sometimes it's not easy as by nature I can be argumentative and defensive, but I don't want to argue with Tom, so if I feel riled I just decide to not react. And often Tom will just laugh at me, which of course makes me laugh too. As a result the closest we've ever come to arguing began and was finished within 30 seconds.

 I can't stand that people judge our relationship as being unhealthy just because we don't bring each other down/bicker/scream/shout/punch holes in walls/smash dinner plates. That might work for your relationship, but it doesn't for us. And for the rest of our lives I plan to keep it that way! I remember just after getting together I was spending some time with girl friends, they were telling stories of recent arguments they had had with their other halves, when I told them that myself and Tom were yet to have a disagreement, I was laughed at, and told to wait a while... so I waited, and waited, we counted the months our relationship was argument free, month after month of nothing but fun, laughing and genuine friendship, until the day came when we just stopped counting and realised this is just the way we are! I want to celebrate the fact that our lives are drama free and I never have to worry about saying or doing something that could result in a raging row, and not have to justify it every time someone enquires as to why we don't ever fall out!

Below is a photo from our wander around London, and my anniversary present from Tom! It's the Vogue issue from the month & year we met. Plus the flowers he had sent to me at work, he did well!

Monday, 24 February 2014


Last week I styled some of the lovely ladies from work in MinkPink, then took some photos around Guildford. It was for a special MinkPink store style feature on the UO Europe website, blog, facebook etc. Below are a few of the photos!

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Yesterday Tom and I went for a wander around London, here's what I was wearing. Again a completely thrifted outfit, a mixture of both vintage finds and sale bargains. 

grey high neck jumper// ASOS £13
lacey silk slip// vintage market in Sydney $1
high waisted skirt// op shop in Sydney $3
leopard shoes// Urban Outfitters £6

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Last weekend I was in Sheffield for Lucy's (Tom's sister) 21st birthday. As a part of her present, I paid to get our make up done at MAC for her party. I've had it done a few times there before, as you pay 30 for the hour session, which is then redeemable in product. I've never been disappointed before, (I wouldn't recommend it if you like your make up light and natural.) For a night out however, it's perfect. I spent the 30 on some eyelashes, bronzer and a new eyebrow pencil. All of which have proved amazing so far. And of course my make up lasted late into the following morning. All round, very happy!

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Today I was back in our Oxford Circus store, updating the windows. Was lots of fun, and of course got to work with some fabulous people. My favourite part was working with all the amazing designer pieces, which sadly we don't stock in my store, including; House of Holland, Antipodium, Iro, Carin Wester etc etc, gaaaaahhhh it's just all so stunning, and amazing to style.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


A couple of years ago I found this completely huge framed map of the world, in a charity shop, for £25! It is so big it doesn't fit in my car, hence the reason it never went back to Sheffield with me. So from then on it's place has been in our utility room, until further notice. I've lived back at home for a year now, only getting to view this beauty when I do my washing etc. Then tonight I had a revelation, why isn't it in my bedroom? So I brought it upstairs. Finally, I can enjoy this beautiful charity shop bargain. 
I hope you have enjoyed this story.

Monday, 10 February 2014


This weekend was spent in Sheffield again. I forget just how much I miss it sometimes, there are so many independent cafes, bars and restaurants to choose from and there's always something to do. You don't get many places like that around Surrey. For example, the other day I found out that my favourite 'independent' cafe in Guildford is in fact owned by Tesco. Not ideal. 
The original purpose for this weekend's trip was to see London Grammar with Tom, which turned into a spontaneous after party with a few of our other friends who we bumped into. I wish everyday was the weekend.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I found this coat in the Topshop sale the other day for a bargain £20. It is so amazingly warm, and it's huge. I buy everything about 3 sizes too big. Bigger is just a lot better, always.

Monday, 3 February 2014


This outfit post is just an excuse to show off my new bag. You might recognise it from a styling post I did around September, in Oxford Circus. It's a Grafea, and is just STUNNING! originally costing £200, I got it for a lot lot cheaper, I won't mention the specific price as it was actually a gift from my amazing fiancĂ©e, and therefore it feels a bit strange telling the world! The oversized boyfriend coat in this photo was also a bargain from work!

Bag// Grafea
Dress// Miss Selfridge £15
Coat// £18 Urban Outfitters
Trainers// New Balance at UO

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Yesterday me and Tom made a spontaneous trip into the big smoke. We decided to try to get some last minute tickets to Les Miserables, for what would be my 16th time, but Tom's first. We arrived at the theatre 10 minutes before the matinee began and managed to get standing tickets for £12. Surprisingly standing was a lot more comfortable than sitting in those tiny little seats with limited leg room, for the price I hugely recommend it! After the show we had some food at Ed's, a 50's American diner, if you haven't tried it, go, the food and the milkshakes are incredible. We then went for a walk into China town to join in with all the celebrations, followed by a trip down Oxford St. where Tom bought me the most beautiful bag! Will do a post on it soon, I'm sure. After that we met up with my friend from Australia, Esta, and her boyfriend Darren for some drinks. All in all a very brilliant day.