Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I pretty much refuse to buy things unless they are an unbelievable bargain. Yes, unfortunately I am one of those people who will answer your comment "oh, I like your dress" with "7.50 from Topshop, thanks." I get complete satisfaction and excitement from waiting for those sale roll downs to keep on rolling down. Working in retail I have learnt enough bargain hunting skills to write a book. Below I've listed where each of these items are from and the price. (excuse the lack of 'pound signs' I have an Australian computer and it doesn't have them. Racist, I know.)

1. Topshop Boutique // was 65.00 paid 18.00
2. Urban Outfitters // was 13.99 paid 6.00
3. Evil Twin // was 90.00 paid 21.00
4. Topshop // was 35.00 paid 4.50
5. Mink Pink // was 65.00 paid 12.00
6. Topshop // was 38.00 paid 9.00
7. Topshop // was 45.00 paid 9.00


  1. Nice outfits xxx


  2. I love your sense of style!! There is nothing wrong with a bargain!! Could you have a look at my blog?? www.framecake.blogspot.co.uk and please leave some comments!! Just because I want to know what other bloggers think!! Thanks so much!!