Monday, 21 April 2014


Having a 5 day 'weekend' in celebration of Easter has been perfect to say the least. Tom has 2 weeks holiday from work, so has been staying down here with me. Having 5 days off together is rare and therefore we decided to attempt to fit as much as possible into our time together. So we made a spontaneous trip down into the Sussex countryside, whilst we were on the drive down I found the sweetest little place to stay just outside of Chichester. It was a converted old shepherds hut, you will see in the pictures below. We visited Winchester, Chichester, Salisbury, Portsmouth, saw lots of cathedrals, and generally just wandered around. We ate lots of good food, went for walks in the countryside including a late night trek down dirt tracks in order to find a pub, the walk home in the dark was interesting.
On Easter morning I made us fresh croissants and tea in the hut for breakfast. After which we went out to visit Stonehenge, which is so amazing! Unfortunately we did get caught in a lot of rain, and by a lot I mean I have never been more soaked in my life. You will be able to see from the photos below, my make up literally streaming off my face.

All in all we had such an amazing time, saw a lot of beautiful places and celebrated the real meaning of Easter together, which of course was the most important part of the weekend.

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