Tuesday, 30 September 2014


At the weekend I quite literally dragged Tom around town on a quest to find things for the house, that of course I managed to convince him that we NEEEEEEDED. For example, a lamp. I have been banging on about this bloody lamp since we moved in. I'm a huge fan of nice lighting. It's important. I feel stressed at even the thought of switching on a 'main light' (and as much as Tom might think, I know I'm not alone on this one) AM I RIIIIIGHT? So anyway, we got a lamp, and I literally squeaked about it all the way home.

Except, eventually finding this lamp was only half the story, said lamp of course needed a table. We took a trip to Honeysuckle at Home, my most favourite housewares shop in, well, the world. But definitely my favourite in Sheffield. Situated on Abbeydale Road, and run by the loveliest lady named Jude. (I will be doing a feature all about the shop soon, then you will see what I mean!) There we found our new gorgeous little side table... and a vase.... and a framed painting.... at this point I could see it in Tom's eyes, I needed to stop. On route home we stopped off at B&Q to pick up some plants, as you can clearly see in the photo below, Tom was becoming increasingly irritable, so at this point I knew it was time to leave. Altogether a brilliant weekend for household things, not so much for Tom's sanity.

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