Monday, 12 August 2013


Here are some of my most recent bargains. This month I am attempting to not spend on clothes at all. This has (as you can see) somewhat failed. I just physically cannot resist a bargain. Also I had 25 pounds worth of Topshop vouchers left over from my birthday, so with all that in mind, it's ok. 

Topshop//95 pounds, reduced to 20.
I have been in love with these ever since a friend and style icon I worked with in UO Sheffield purchased them. I went into Topshop this week to return a faulty item. I didn't have a receipt so had to exchange. Found these, and a dress (featured below) and therefore paid nothing!

Topshop//55 pounds reduced to 20
I used one of my vouchers on these, and therefore only paid 10. Still considering taking them back as they make me over 6ft. But they're so beautiful, I kind of want to keep them, just to look at.

Sparkle & Fade at Urban Outfitters//38 pounds reduced to 10 (7.50 with my employee discount)
I've had my eye on this top for a while, an oversized white top, as if my wardrobe isn't full of them already.

Cheap Monday at Urban Outfitters//50 pounds reduced to 15 (11.25 with my employee discount)
Just found this skirt in the stock room today and fell in love with it!

Topshop//32 pounds reduced to 7
This is the dress I made an exchange with alongside the shoes.

Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters//30 pounds reduced to 10 (7.50 with employee discount)
A perfect little going out bag. Also found this one in the stock room (my new treasure chest!)

Urban Outfitters// 50 pounds reduced to 5 (3.75 with employee discount)
This lomography camera was on a mannequin for ages, when it was taken off I checked the price and found it was reduced right down to 5 pounds. Massively happy with this one!

So the grand total of all of these beauties should have come to 350. I paid 39.50. It pays to bargain hunt! Again I apologise for my lack of pound signs. My Australian laptop doesn't have one!

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  1. oh my gosh, your bargain hunting puts mine to shame!
    Can't believe you got that amazing camera for £3.75! x