Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I am currently caught between two cities. Having recently moved back down south to Surrey, I left my love in Sheffield, and therefore find myself back there on a regular basis. Fortunately both places have my heart.

 Guildford is fabulously British, from it's cobbled high street to old English pubs and even an 11th century castle. It is everything you could wish for when dreaming of a picturesque English town. Sheffield, on the other hand, is industrial. It's fame coming from steelworks and so being named 'the steel city'. Despite this, Sheffield boasts a culture like non other. Every corner of the city is filled with independent cafes, restaurants, boutiques and flower shops, each bringing something unique to the city. The city is alive and there is a constant buzz, unlike Guildford, whose residents prefer a somewhat more relaxed take on life.
Below are some photos expressing the best of both cities, some of my favourite places to eat, drink and find inspiration.

This coffee shop is one of my favourites. On my pay day lunch I get a halloumi and aubergine sandwich, which is unbelievably good! Also the tea is delightful, a treat for even the snobbiest of tea drinkers.

Being in the heart of Surrey there's a lot of green-ness around, even though Guildford is technically a City, there are so many beautiful spots, often covered in flowers. Below is the castle grounds, where I like to go on my lunch breaks.

The restaurant featured below is my all time favourite. An interior filled with stunning decor and a menu filled with irresistible food. 

I am English, I love tea.

My favourite coffee shop in Sheffield happens to also offer free refills on tea. Could be why it's one of my favourite places to go. The walls are covered in old pages from books, scrabble boards, old postcards, it is such a good place to go to just drink lots of tea and relax.

The boutiques and charity shops are never short of perfect things to decorate your home or yourself with. In one part of town there is a whole row of antique shops, full to the brim with treasures. And not surprisingly there is also a beautiful coffee shop right next door.

I hope you enjoyed my insight into my little bit of this beautiful country!

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  1. Wonderful entry, I just adore all of your photos!! Best of luck!

    Lou xx

    {p.s Haloumi & Aubergine sounds like a wonderful combo, I might have to hop a train to Guildford soon!}