Sunday, 30 March 2014


Today is mother's day, the day where everyone makes a claim that their mum is the best mother in the world. But for me mother's day is just a small celebration of who my mum is, as she is so much more than that. 

Growing up it has always just been me and my mum, and the person I am today reflects everything that she has imparted. My mum is the most resilient person I know, her ability to pick herself up and carry on is nothing but an inspiration. Many people won't have seen the side to her which has hurt or suffered, as any adversaries have momentarily effected her or her outlook on life. Her strength and determination are what have inspired me to get through the darkest moments of my life with humility and perseverance.
From my mum I inherited my gypsy gene. She has always travelled and sought after adventure, as annoying as this trait can be (my life seems to constantly be between cities or continents) I wouldn't change it for the world. 
My mum has balls and doesn't stand for any bullshit, which didn't particularly work in my favour growing up, but has since taught me to stand up for myself with grace and understanding.
My mum introduced me to church, but always let me make my own decisions, and then when she was hurt by church never let it influence my choices.
My mum never spoke a bad word about my dad, even though they haven't been the best of friends, I would never have known. This is something I massively respect her for. There definitely would have been times she resented being a single parent, and my dad living on another continent would have made it easy for her to have taken things out on him, but she didn't.
My mum has watched me make massively huge mistakes, even when she knew best. She never judged me nor did she try to tell me I was wrong. Then when I realised my mistakes never said "I told you so" but instead just held my hand through it all. 
My mum has faced cancer head on, and ended up being my biggest support through it, even when it really should have been the other way around.
My mum gave up a lot of her dreams to be my mum, something I sometimes feel a bit bad for, she had some amazing plans lined up! She worked multiple jobs and studied at the same time, just to give me a better future.
My mum introduced me to Celine Dion, for that alone I am forever in her debt. 
Sometimes she gets really angry, she is really good at shouting. And she does this thing where she will empty the dishwasher REALLY LOUDLY, or whilst driving will pull the handbrake up so hard I'm surprised it doesn't break off, just to let us all know that we have pissed her off. It's very funny, but God help you if you laugh.
So on this mothers day I want to thank my mum, for not just being my mum, but for being my mum, dad, sister and friend. I think she did a bloody good job and if I become half the mother she is then I know my children will be incredibly blessed.

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  1. Thank you sweetheart. The last 25 years have been a total pleasure and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Love you always always xxx