Thursday, 2 January 2014


I'm not a massive fan of new year's resolutions. I think they're a nice idea, in theory. But I have never really seen anyone actually stick to them. Because of this I have never really set myself any, as  I would rather just set myself goals or targets throughout the year when I feel like it. None of this 'new year, new you' BS. 


Saying all that, I'm going to set some this year. So here they are.

1. Stop buying coffee and tea on the way into work.

2. Stop crying when I listen to 'story of my life' by 1D, or any other song of a similar calibre.

3. Enjoy every second of the preparation for our marriage and wedding day.

4. Blog more regularly.

5. Text my nan more.

6. Email my American grandparents more.

7. Always call my mum when I've had a few drinks and sing to her.

8. Be an amazing wife (post August 23rd) 

9. Save more money.

10. Go to a country I haven't been to.

11. Find a church I love going to.

12. Always throw the empty toilet roll tubes into the bin.

13. Reply to every facebook message I get.

14. Reply to every text message I get. 

15. Continue to nag Tom as much as possible. (This does not contradict number 8, he just doesn't know what's good for him) 

16. Watch all top 10 films on IMDB.

These are pretty lame.

 That's why I never normally bother. 


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