Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Whilst in Paris, we had the realisation that our wedding is really not that far away! So very very excited! Luckily we have (I have) been pretty organised and sorted quite a few things already. Things we have already checked off the list: church, reception, dress, bridesmaid dresses, Tom's suit, usher's suits, car, photographer, flowers, guestbook and invites. We've planned the whole day to be very laid back, we both want it to be a reflection on us and our relationship, rather than about the day. Hence it being very small and intimate with the reception in my back garden. I managed to find my beautiful designer dress for £100, from Oxfam. Which has obviously made me incredibly happy! (But that will not be revealed until the day!)

 I plan on putting bits and pieces about the preparation for our marriage and the wedding day on here!